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Past Specialties


Specialty Judge: Marcy Fine
Sweepstakes Judge: Judge- Mary Robichon
Specialty Judge: Carole Ann Stanley
Sweepstakes Judge: Jackie Velter-Wilson
Specialty Judge: Robette Johns
Sweepstakes Judge: Colleen Graham
Spoecialty Judge: Jacqueline Caruso
Sweepstakes Judge: Karen Martin
Specialty judge:Phyllis Autrey
Sweeps judge: Karen Fairbairn
Specialty judge: Janet Hitt
Sweeps judge: Jo Ann Pavey
Specialty Judge: Amy Gau

Specialty Judge: Mrs Mary Wells
Sweepstakes Judge: Lynda Jones

Specialty Judge: Mr Barry Hastings
Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Don Paliano
Specialty Judge: Maret Halinen
Sweepstakes Judge: Marion Liebsch
Specialty Judge: Mr. Micheal Esch
Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Joe Bogan
Judge: Coleen Graham
Judge: Sue Symington
Judge: Rod Oishi (Akirene Collies and Shelties)
Judge: Betty Abbott ( Abbeyhill Collies)
Conformation Judge: Rosslyn Durham, Magalia CA
Sweepstakes Judge: Terry Pavey, ON

More Details

Judge Marcia Keller
BISS -Ch. Cassori's Echo's Of A Legend
BOB Smooth - Larchmont's Pardon My French

More Details

Judge Dr. William K. Brokken
BISS -Ch. Bannerstone's Midnite Spectre
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Timeless Whisper In The Wind
Judge Tess Esch.
BISS -Ch. Buckhaven Avalanche
BOB Smooth - Camloch Independence
Judge Daniel Cardoza Jr.
BISS -Ch. Gemstone's Wild Like the Wind
BOB Rough - Ch. Gemstone's Whirlwind

More Details

Judge Grace Kosub -
BISS - Ch. Barkley's Lonely Chaplin
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Ciel X-Rated

Judge Helga Kane
BISS - Ch. Tricounty Dreamland Express
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Gemstone's Wild Like The Wind


Judge Judy Evans
BISS -Ch. Gambit's A Hurricane Brew'
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Crossheart Moonlight Raid HC


Judge Pam Durazzano
BISS - Ch. Tamaron's State of Confusion
BOB Smooth - Ch.Gemstone's Innovation


Judge Dorothy Welsh
BISS - Ch. Tallywood Spirituality
BOB Smooth - Ch. Clairn's Sunset Strip


Judge Mary Hutchinson
BISS - Aurora's Jump'n Jack Flash
BOB Smooth - Am.Can.Ch.Gemstone's Wild Like The Wind


Judge Larry Willeford
BISS - Am/Can. Ch. Gambit's Freeze Frame
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Tallywood Crossheart Windchill


Judge Doris Werderman
BISS - Am/Can. Ch. Natural ExplosionBOB Rough - Am/Can. Ch.
Pebblebrook Ghostbuster


Judge Jim Fredericksen
BISS - Ch.Tallywood Th'Spirit Sings
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Storm's Electrifying


Judge Ann Rodgers Clark
BISS - Am/Can. Ch. Pebblebrook's Ghostbuster
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Kendale Wiseguy


Judge Lois Hillman
BISS - Ch. Pinewynd's Rocky Mtn. Cinder
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Crossheart Moonlight Raid


Judge George Horn
BISS - Am/Can. Ch. Rainforest's Heart And Soul
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Crossheart Moonlight Raid


Judge Doris Werderman
BISS - Am/Can. Ch. Sandpiper's Solitaire
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Gemstone's Black Onyx


Judge Dr. Ted Kjellstrom
BISS - Ch. Koallie's Lliam Of Dalmey
BOB Smooth - Am/Can. Ch. Lucky Lane's Why Me


Judge Virginia Holtz
BISS - Ch. Dreamaway Alfenloch
BOB Smooth - Ch. Mistyhaven's Eleazar Ben-Yair